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We integrate the world’s leading CRM solution, Salesforce, and adapt it to the needs of your company. We improve efficiency and maximise scalability to obtain the best results.


We analyse each company, to detect deficiencies, points of improvement, and the best technological solutions.

Configuration and Settings

We adjust the platform to the true needs of your company, to achieve total customisation.


We design tailor made solutions for your organisation with the required functionalities.


Integration & Migration

Data cleansing, enrichment and validation, integrated with different ERP systems.


Change Management

Preparation for the digital transformation, adapted to the different profiles in the company. We give your team the ability to be autonomous.

Administration and Maintenance

We make instant adjustments, further technological developments, or scale to new cloud environments in the Salesforce ecosystem.



Advance your business in the cloud with Salesforce

we accompany you

Close more contracts with clients

Your sales team will be able to identify and classify candidates quickly and accurately. Control and track all actions with the mobile app (emails, calls, quotes…).

Increase your revenue and client references

The sales team will have a complete vision of each client and will be able to use this information to identify additional sales and cross-selling opportunities.

Improve products and services

Data collection from different sources: social media, online chats, customer calls, etc. You will gain a more complete vision of what your clients want and how they see your products and services, allowing you to improve your offer.

Analyse and optimise your performance

The display panels offer a real-time view of your company in just a glance with the possibility of instantly generating detailed reports. Make decisions with the power of analytics.

NO MORE B2B OR C2C, IT’S H2H: HUMAN TO HUMAN Developer Developer



Service Cloud Consultant



Experts in Apex (Salesforce's own language).


Specialists in complex integrations to ERP systems and other corporate applications.


Projects scaled to other Salesforce platforms (Support, Marketing, Analytics, Community ...).


Development of extra features/ automations.


Multidisciplinary team with experts in BI, BigData, Behavior Patterns.


Perfect combination of experience and customer proximity.



Real-Estate Development

  • Integration with the main real-estate portals
  • Management with agencies, homeowners, clients
  • Commercial warnings for changes in property status
  • Integration with corporate websites and control of properties from a single platform
  • Draw an area on Google Maps for information on properties, sizes, average prices, and statistics based on the average price range in the selected area


  • In the sales process, alarm and validation of credit assigned to the client
  • Follow-up and feedback of the samples sent
  • Information in real time on changes in warehouses and stock
  • Detection of new opportunities from Customer Service
  • Integration with call centres
  • Omnichannel incident management

Transport and Logistics

  • Digitalisation of routes
  • Maintenance of vehicles and drivers
  • Mobility Management of loads
  • Geopositioning


  • Creation of complex budgets, with discounts based on customer groups, specific customers, product families, and specific products
  • Information included in budgets about the availability of products per warehouse
  • Ability to review the billing history in a customer’s file, in mobility
  • Automations for placing an order, winning an opportunity, assigning of leads to sales representatives etc.


Sales Cloud & Service Cloud


Salesforce Sales Cloud

CRM Salesforce Sales Cloud, The world’s #1 CRM solution

  • Easy, real-time customizations, subscription model, automated sales processes
  • Fast, no hardware, no software, higher ROI
  • Innovative, scalable, flexible, automatic updates (three annually), continuous improvement
  • Open and for any device with the ability to integrate and transfer data and sell in mobility, IOs and Android app
  • Reliable, secure, transparent, high- performance
  • Information panels offer an image in real-time of the business with all information available at a glance
salesforce marketing cloud


Salesforce Pardot

Marketing automation and creation of opportunities

  • Lead generation tools
  • A single repository of campaigns (target audiences, use geographic location, extended guarantee, upselling, cross-selling, reactivation campaigns…)
  • Campaign Hierarchy
  • Member management
  • Create personalised and targeted emails
  • Integrate web forms
  • Estimate the ROI of a Campaign
  • Survey Management
Salesforce Pardot

Customer Service

Service Cloud

The platform that offers a faster service in a smarter way

  • Offer uninterrupted customer service
  • Personalize your customer service
  • Offer assistance to your clients through any channel
  • Impress your customers with intelligent customer service
  • Resolve cases more quickly
Field Service Lightning


Community Cloud

Connect to your customers, partners and employees. Customize your community based on your needs

  • Quickly and easily create new generation portals and communities that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce
  • Connect any customer directly with the information, applications and experts they need
  • Commercial integration with data from any type of system, in such a way that…
    • Customers can create and redirect technical assistance cases encouraging them to use self-service communities.
    • Partners, agencies, suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors have access to the experts and information they need, as well as being able to update and classify opportunities, and place orders.
    • Employees can access and share information, files, and collaborate online.

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